Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Accident to Remember..

I am a regular reader of ISS. It feels nice to read some of the stories posted here. Good job guys!

I am Amit. 26 years of age and single (thankfully). Let me tell you about this incident which happened with me. I won't force any reader to believe it though, but for me it was a memory for lifetime.

Those were the days when I joined this office as a junior associate. Everything was new. There was this girl with me during the training, her name was Shelly. If I had to describe her in brief, she was no less than a beauty which every male on this earth would love to take home. Amazing figure and charming personality. She used to wear casuals and her breasts used to attract every single soul in the office. She was voluptuous.

It happened once when we were in talking terms and were kind-of friends. I was shy from the beginning and never intruded her personal zone with questions. Once during our discussions, we were talking about life partners and she casually asked if I had a girl and I denied truthfully. I posted the same question and she said 'no' which wasn't convincing considering the tone. Maybe she wasn't happy with what she had. I probed and got to know that she has a boyfriend who wasn't worth to be called so. He abused her and never gave her the attention rather love she needed. She had tears in her eyes when she admitted this and from that day onwards we were close.

The day was holi and we were in office. She used to stay in the same locality where I was. I used to drop her home first and then I used to go to my place. I was living alone that time. On our way back we were hit by balloons to the extent that we were drenched. I dropped her home and she invited me over to her place to avoid any more balloons on the way. I gladly went with her to her place.

It was a lovely room. She was staying alone as her family was in Kerala. It was cozy there. I sat in the hall and she went inside to change. I sat there flipping some magazines. She came in and I was dumbstruck with her dressing. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts which were short enough to be called panties. I was looking at her bare thighs and getting all wild thoughts which I could gather.

She noticed my gaze but didn't react. In fact she flaunted her legs in front of me casually. She was sitting just opposite to me. I remembered the movie basic instinct where Sharon Stone spreads her legs in front of the police officers.

I then stopped gazing and concentrated on the magazine. She noticed my uneasiness and came and sat closer to me and started reading the magazine along with me. Her thighs were touching mine and that was sending shivers through my body. She somehow noticed the bulge in my pants which I couldn't hide. She started rubbing her legs over mine and I wasn't sure what she meant by that (how stupid I must be). I ignored it for a while but then I was just tempted to touch her thighs. I just started moving my hands over her thighs. It was an awesome feeling. While my hands were rolling over her thighs she was watching my face. I looked up into her eyes and she gave the most erotic look I had ever seen. She closed her eyes and leaned backwards and lifted her thighs and put it over mine. I then slowly moved my hands upwards under her t-shirt and slid my hand inside. The touch was like fire. I slid it up and stopped at her bra. She was still leaning back with her eyes closed. I couldn't control and I just leaned over her to kiss her neck. She caught hold of my hair and pressed my head towards her neck. My both hands were now caressing her shoulders while kissing her neck.. I then moved up and kissed her. Soft life, shivering lips, the scent of the woman I was in seventh heaven. I then started lifting her t-shirt and removed it. I was spellbound looking at the pink bra.

My kisses stopped. I moved down and rolled my tongue over her chin towards her cleavage. She was moaning and her legs were around my back holding me tight. My tongue moved through her cleavage and my kisses took over the moment I reached her soft breasts. My hands were sliding the bra straps from her shoulders and I pulled the bra slowly till I freed her breasts. Amazing view and I wished god gave me 2 mouths so that I could satisfy both those breasts at a time. I was tempted to eat them up like a wild dog. My speed increased the moment I held her nipple in my lips. My tongue rolled in circles over her breast and I grabbed her nipple and bit it. She left a sigh and invited me to do more by pressing my head on her chest. My other hand was busy fondling her other breast and hardening the nipple. She was moaning and her hips were moving up and down. She wanted me badly inside her. After sucking her nipples for more than 15minutes I opened her shorts and pulled them down. Pink panty and I lost it there. MY kisses started from her waist and I kept on kissing till I reached her pussy. I smelled it over the panty and was lost in its aroma. I wanted to eat it badly but I opted to wait and let the woman go crazy. I kept on kissing her panty and then moved towards the thighs. I started licking her thighs, inner thighs, knees calfs and ankles.. then moved to another leg, ankles, knee calfs, inner thighs then I raced towards her pussy I could see her hands pushing my head towards her pussy. My hands were free and so I could slowly slide her panty down. The heaven was in front of me.

There weren't many hair and her pussy lips were so tempting. I kissed them softly and she left a moan. I then parted those lips with my fingers and then touched the walls of her pussy with my tongue tip. What a feeling that was. I then started licking it wildly. She was moving her hips up and down. She reached her climax and juices started flowing which I licked up clean. I lifted my head and looked into my eyes. She whispered "I wana taste your juice too". I went crazy with those words and in one go I slid my pants down and my tool was there erect saluting her lips. She held it in her hand and moved its skin back and forth. She seemed to be a pro in that. I was in a hurry to let my tool rest in her mouth and she noticed that. She kissed the tip of my dick softly and then rolled tongue over it. After playing with its tip she took it in. I was in heaven. She sucked it real hard and while doing so she played with my balls. I held her head and was moving back and forth. I came into her mouth and she licked it all.

Then I sat next to her. She held my tool and started waking it up again. With few strokes I was back to 90 degree. She then sat over me on the sofa. She inserted my dick inside her pussy and I noticed her leaning back as it was going in. She was enjoying the ride. She held my neck and moved up and down. I was busy sucking her nipples while my hands were holding her buttocks and moving them up and down. With ever jerk we were reaching the highest point of ecstasy. This ride went on for an hour when she had already come 5 times and I was still enjoying the ride. Then I told her that I want to get behind her. She agreed and then got up from my lap and sat on the sofa facing the wall. I went behind her and she bend forward inviting me to enter her from behind. What a lovely ass she had. Perfect round and soft. For few minutes I was busy exploring her back side. Kissing her shoulders down her back and then her ass. I bit her ass and she looked back at me and said "get inside, I am thirsty". I then stood up and spread her till I could get some space to enter her pussy. She helped me positioning my dick at the door of her pussy and one thrust it was in. What a feeling that was. I held her waist and was moving back n forth. My thrust increased and I could see her ass shake with my every stroke. It turned me on more and more and I slapped her ass as and when I saw the ass cheeks shaking. Withing 15 minutes I came inside her. I sprayed some of it over her ass. We then lay on the sofa and took a break. After that we took shower which lasted for another hour as I fucked her 4 times in different positions there.

It was unexpected. It is a memory which can never be forgotten. We do work in the same office now. Whenever we get an opportunity we do make out at her place.


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